Institutional Effectiveness


Strategic Planning at Odessa College led to the development of OC 10,000 - a new initiative designed to increase sustainable fall enrollment to 10,000 unduplicated students over the next 5 years. To get to 10,000 students on a sustainable basis and continue to improve student outcomes, one critical and challenging strategic imperative must be met: continual improvement of college resources in an increasingly difficult demographic and economic environment.

The strategic plan is to leverage current staff and faculty who have day-to-day contact with potential college-going students in K-12 and adult basic education programs. The effort is divided into manageable targeted student high engagement and college oriented programs and initiatives. These programs and initiatives include:
  • Working with our K-12 partners on approaches aimed at keeping more students in school and graduating;
  • Increasing the college-going percentage of high school graduates;
  • Advancing more students into dual credit programs with the goal of having every high school student graduate with 6 or more college credits.
Institution Goal: Achieve 10,000 unduplicated students in Fall semester
Definition: Consists of all students enrolled in credit-bearing courses, including dual-credit students